A Celebration of Life

Why should it be called a funeral and not a celebration of life?

Why should it be a morbid occasion?

Why not customise your loved one’s funeral based on what they were passionate about in life?

Studies have shown that all around the world, people are starting to take a more adventurous approach to funerals.

Instead of getting together at a church, wearing black, those who gather to pay their respect would much rather do so in a manner that celebrates the deceased’s way of life.

Funeral Policy

Find out how Happy Funerals can provide piece of mind with a plan tailored to you personally. Start planning your last big day today.


Thinking outside the box to say goodbye in the most appropriate manner possible.

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Terminal Illness

Imagine having the opportunity to plan your own funeral proceedings exactly the way you want.

Cradle to Grave

The ultimate funeral planners: Collecting the body, packing up the loved ones house and effects.


Every life is different and as such deserves a unique way in which to say goodbye.


We are always close at hand to assist in funeral arrangements on your behalf so you can focus on celebrating a life well lived.

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