A Fitting Farewell

If your loved one was a passionate gardener for instance, a park or botanic garden might be fitting for their celebration of life party, where you could arrange for mourners to release butterflies.

The point here is that there can be any number of scenarios that can be incorporated as part of an individual’s celebration of life, the sky is the limit.

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Lasting Memories

A life celebration might be centred on a cavalcade of motorbikes doing a ‘last blast’ in their honour, the release of doves, or even a traditional-style ceremony based on culture of the individual.

For everyone attending this special celebration of life, it becomes easier to deal with, having been given a chance to remember the departed for how they lived and sharing this memory with the rest of the attendees.

Terminal Illness

Imagine having the opportunity to plan your own funeral proceedings exactly the way you want.

Cradle to Grave

The ultimate funeral planners: Collecting the body, packing up the loved ones house and effects.

Funeral Policy

Find out how Happy Funerals can provide piece of mind with a plan tailored to you personally.


Thinking outside the box to say goodbye in the most appropriate manner possible.


We will handle the difficult parts of funeral arrangements for you so you can focus on celebrating a life well lived.

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